Dr. Dewald - advocate
  • In brief:

    • Leadership track record spanning national and international roles in various companies and functions – 13 years as in-house lawyer and 7 years in operative management roles
    • Expert in oil-, gas- and wind-energy, as well as project management
    • Adept in negotiating complex deals/partnerships/projects
    • Effective in the management of large operational units
    • Intercultural awareness and skill in the context of leading international, interdisciplinary teams
    • In-depth experience abroad (EU, Russia, North Africa), including 5 years on-site
  • 2012–Present — Consultant (self-employed) and Arbitrator

    Consulting and Legal Mandates since 2012:

    • Drafted contracts for the introduction and commercialization of an innovative energy-efficient product 
    • Developed a concept for a new service within the renewable energy sector 
    • Several appointments as arbitrator in the context of official arbitration proceedings
    • Consulting on an asset deal in the gas mid-stream sector
    • Consulting and drafting contracts for uptream activities in North Africa

    Some of the Lectures and Training Courses since 2012:

    • Jan. 2012: “Utilizing Collaborations to Ensure Successful Transportation of Gas to Europe” - Lecture at the “Gas Transport & Storage Summit 2012” -  Berlin
    • April 2012:  “Energy Storage Integration” -Lecture and moderation of panel discussion at  “Flame Conference 2012“ -  Amsterdam
    • June 2012:  E&P Training – Module 3: Contracting - Course at Ferrostaal GmbH – Essen
    • Sept 2012 .: “Gas Storage: How to value it and how to attract investments?” - Lecture at “Platts - European Gas Supply and Infrastructure” – Vienna
    • Sept. 2012: Chairman of the conference and of the interactive workshop " Short term thinking and long term investment - gas market products and storage facilities services" at "Fleming - European Gas Storage & Infrastructure Forum 2012" - Berlin
    • Jan. 2013: Chairman of the conference " Gas Transport & Storage Summit  2013" - Berlin
    • March 2013: "Are we approaching an ice age for gas storage? - A forecast  for the industry" - Lecture at "Flame 2013 - The Storage & Flexibility Forum" - Amsterdam
    • March 2016:"Economics & Contracting" - Course at Ferrostaal GmbH – Essen
    • April 2016: Chiarman of the Conference "16th Global Energy Village" - Salzburg
    • May 2017: "Gas Storage Long Term Investment vs Short Term Contracts" - Lecture at "3rd Eurasian Natural Gas Infrastructure Conference" - Milan
    • Mai 2017: Chairman of the Conference "17th Global Energy Village" - Bratislava
  • 2001-2012 — Wintershall-Gruppe (BASF)

    2009-2012 — Wingas GmbH & Co KG
    Division Head – Gas Storage Facilities Division – Kassel, Germany

    • Member of the Wingas Management Team
    • Steered the integrated business activities, i.e. the acquisition, planning, construction and operation of storage facilities, as well as marketing of services
    • Led numerous projects, e.g. new gas storage facility with value of up to 600 M €

    2005-2009 — Wintershall AG
    General Manager - OPCO Wintershall Libya, Tripolis, Libya

    • Full-scope management responsibility for Wintershall-Libya, the company’s largest 100% foreign subsidiary specialized in the exploration and production of oil and gas; 400 employees (including 100 international experts) within a politically sensitive environment

    2001-2005 — Wintershall Holding GmbH (at that time AG)
    Division Head – Legal, Taxes, Insurance – Kassel, Germany

    • Worked closely with the executive and supervisory boards on all important projects
    • Led interdisciplinary team in the successful negotiation of GUS projects, e.g. 3-year negotiation process leading the settlement of the first-ever joint venture between a Western company and Gazprom to produce oil and gas from Russian territory
    • Re-negotiated Wingas’ most important gas sale contract
    • Played key role in the initial unbundling of the gas grid operations
    • Developed and introduced the first compliance program
  • 2000-2001 — Enron Wind Holding B.V.

    Regional General Counsel Europe - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Established the legal advisory service for activities in Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and Japan
    • Designed and negotiated contract for the first offshore wind farm
  • 1994-2000 — Mobil Oil GmbH

    1995-2000 — General Counsel Exploration & Production – Celle

    • Provided legal counsel concerning the production of oil, gas and sulfur, as well as for legal issues related to EU-energy, environment, mining, real estate and damage claims

    1994-1995 — Senior Counsel Gas - Hamburg

    • Provided legal support in relation to gas sales
  • 1992-1994 — BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH

    Legal Counsel – Hanover

    • EU-energy law, mining law and contract law
  • 1988-1992 — Education

    • 2nd State Law Exams - Hamburg
    • Doctor’s degree in Law – Kiel University